About Arnold Insurancenegger

I worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years before moving on to pursue other life dreams. While in the insurance business, I watched a lot of people make uneducated decisions about purchasing insurance. This prompted me to compile information to better inform the public on how to know the tricks of the industry and things to know before purchasing.

Information pertaining to insurance policies are written in a way to confuse even the most educated reader. The complexities of the coverage are hard to follow to those who are not equipped with expansive resumes in the terminology of insurance.

Use this website to find answers, help and simple solutions to navigating your insurance needs without breaking your monthly budget. Tips include advice for bundling packages, shopping around and knowing how to apply discounted prices based on your age and location. Choosing auto insurance doesn’t mean you have to grab the most expensive plan. Knowing how to accurately cover yourself in case of a collision, is important but higher priced plans are not always necessary.

The history of insurance is fascinating and came about out of a need to protect people. Learn about cases that changed laws and were responsible for implementing how you pay for insurance today.